THE KITTEN SHOW is a tableau vivant, a subjective milieu drawing multiple realities, contradictions and temperaments of obsessive, vulnerable, romantique, chaotic, vulvic, intelligent, libidian and peculiar human natures. The wild interpretations of the 23 dancers simultanously paint many ways intimate, personal and collective environment where their inner garden is spread around in a very articulated and esthetized manner creating an outer garden inside of a theatre instrument. Their ”bodies come out from their bodies”  inviting the audience to witness, take part and perhaps see oneselves in the beautiful mess. 

The show is based on deep feministique, non bourgeous, free assosiative corporeal practice choreographer Pirinen has established during the years of her career in making, directing and pedagogy. 

Choreographer, visual concept, poem: Elina Pirinen

Dancers, poem: Dalma Kitley, Davide Lafabiana, Elliot Norell Strinnö, Erika Filia, HéloÎse Giret, Jeanne Procureur, Maria Zhi Soriano, Miriam Budzáková, Ofer Dayani, SeYon Kim, Simon Chatelain, Simone Benini, Adries Sofi, Débora Posada Sánchez, Elias Kraft, Gaeun Kim, Hyungjing Lee, Mathilde Giacomelli, Maxime Jeannerat, Paola Taddeo, Raul Aranha, Roland Géczy, Tereza Krejčová, all 3rd year students of SEAD – Salzburg Academy of Experimental Dance

Choreographical assistent: Paola Reyes Guzmàn
Jewellery proposal: Jeanne Procureur
Lighting design collaborator: Heide Tömpe
Music: Ocean waves, nature birds, The Cure: Plain Song & Pictures of You

Premiere 30th of October 2020 in Josef Ekhart Theatre Salzburg

Main image: Miguel Amengual
Images 2–3: Elina Pirinen