The poem was heard as part of a stage work Rhythm of Poison for 7 dancers, swords, colorful fabrics, 4 dogs, palo santo, chimes, heavy spacesmoke and composition made by Ville Kabrell. It is screamed and whispered live during 1 hour performance as an experimental prayer. 

The work premiered with Iceland Dance Company in Reykjavik City Theatre New Stage.

i am your baywatch
you my opium flower
i sew your twilight heart 
to my heart’s power

we swim in chlorine
the bells play
dunes, sharks, kites 
with us, stay!

the clouds and the sea swopp places
dumbos, dolphins, whelks fly
windows secretly open
to the sandstormy sky

then one late night
you my honeybear
wash the flees out 
from my greasy hair

in our blood 
coca-cola slowly seep 
early morning shimmer
painfully deep

promise me promise me
to cough out the ash
milky way above
tender as a lash

the bluebirds are here
without spring’s wave
pecking the kind worms
from one ordinary grave

300 meters per second 
run dreams, run!
through our past bodies
under the broken sun