Poem for The Kitten Show (2020)

with ice on my ears 
i enhale the dark
drink the same water 
the drop of tears

i close my eyes 
many times
look the moon 
and it’s river blue blue ligth light blue

shadows of rumbles saying 
I am sorry                                                         
I am sorry
I worry, ’til the dawn I worry

so come, come to me again 
when my body is becoming the sea
the sound of dust
the earthquake of a gooey rock and we

white fractails puzzling the eye
cold wind blew stronger
who did that to the sky

broken hearts are running
purple waters fill the clouds
thunderstroms are humming 
somebody should take care of them

in the morning saturn is down 
with galactic farewell
her heavy balls and rolling stones
ending this lonely hell

you will stay as my angel 
i’m yours until armageddow
then dissapearing
in our past meadow

This poem was influenced by the linguistic materials of the different exercises of ”bad poem writing ” done by dance art students of SEAD – Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance Dalma Kitley, Davide Lafabiana, Elliot Norell Strinnö, Erika Filia, HéloÎse Giret, Jeanne Procureur, Maria Zhi Soriano, Miriam Budzáková, Ofer Dayani, SeYon Kim, Simon Chatelain, Simone Benini, Adries Sofi, Débora Posada Sánchez, Elias Kraft, Gaeun Kim, Hyungjing Lee, Mathilde Giacomelli, Maxime Jeannerat, Paola Taddeo, Raul Aranha, Roland Géczy, Tereza Krejčová. The poem was heard inside of a performance ”The Kitten Show” premiered in Josef Ekhart Theatre Salzburg in October 2020.