• BRUME DE MER (2018)
    as choreographer and dancer
  • REVENGE I-X (2017)
    as choreographer.
  • ANGEL (2016)
    as choreographer-dancer.
    as choreographer-dancer.
    as choreographer-dancer.
    as choreographer-dancer.
    as performer.
  • THE BONE GARDEN (2012)
    as choreographer-dancer
    as choreographer-dancer
    as choreographer-dancer
    as choreographer-dancer
    as choreographer-dancer
  • DANCE ART PIECE (2010)
    as choreographer
    as choreographer
    as dancer
    as dancer

MURDER DANCES (2014-2015)

Work in progress...

MARGARETA IN YOU (2014-2015)

Work in progress...

THEIR FANTASY (2014-2015)

Work in progress...

GIRL (2014-2015)

Work in progress...


Work in progress...


ANGEL is dance artist Elina Pirinen's latest work for one dancer, her soulmate, eight voices, harp and light. She is joined on the Pannuhalli stage of the Cable Factory by Lumen Valo ('Glow of Snow'), a vocal ensemble specialising in polyphonic vocal music of the Renaissance. Also lighting designer Heikki Paasonen and dramatist Heidi Väätänen are involved in creating the world of Angel.

ANGEL is the reality of a human being who fragilely and committedly plays with powerful states of existence, surrounded by a cantata-like soundscape of eight human voices. It articulates a desire to construct the environment and the climate of living on parameters and temperaments of sensitivity.

Choreography and dance: Elina Pirinen
Lighting design: Heikki Paasonen
Dramaturge: Heidi Väätänen
Music: Lauluyhtye Lumen Valo
Harp: Salla Hakkola
Friend of Angel: Leena Nordberg / Olli Kontulainen / Aleksi Holkko
Mentor: Sonja Jokiniemi
Duration: 60 minutes
Premiered: 17th of May 2017
Production: Zodiak – Uuden tanssin keskus, Elina Pirinen, Lumen Valo
Photo: Katri Naukkarinen

The performance takes place in the frame of the project [DNA] Departures and Arrivals which is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the EU.


With the piano concerto, meet Alex, Summer and Elaine. Meet favourites Jürgen, Jody and Charles. Witness the inner drama, treasures of Monet’s waterlilies room, free fearless speech, a thinker’s frozen heart, a beach, a list of everyone who must go to the psychoanalysis.

Concerto under Waterlilies is an on-stage autopsy of Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto no. 2, its inspiration arising from profound and beautiful investigation and understanding of the human condition. Its reflective madness, transparency and truthfulness takes part in the ethos of the return of subjectivity and applies to all. The work is an independent sequel to a series of performances based on famous works by Russian composers that began with Personal Symphonic Moment (2013, Zodiak – Centre for New Dance).

Choreographer: Elina Pirinen
Text: Heidi Väätänen
On stage: Aleksi Holkko, Suvi Kemppainen & Elina Pirinen
Dramaturgic dialog: Elina Pirinen & Heidi Väätänen
Original light and space design: Heikki Paasonen & Jani-Matti Salo
Sound design: Pauli Riikonen
Mentor: Niko Hallikainen
Costume design: Kaisa Kemikoski, Elina Pirinen & Heidi Väätänen
Music: Sergei Rachmaninov Piano concerto no. 2, C minor op. 18 by a pianist Idil Biret & Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra
Pianoconcerto that Rachmaninoff did not compose, comp. Elina Pirinen and Pauli Riikonen, interpretation by Elaine, Alex and Summer.
Charles – Pauli Riikonen
Jürgen – Niko Hallikainen
Jody – Heidi Väätänen
Premiered: 30th of September 2016 Kiasma Theatre
Duration 60 min.
Production: Kiasma-teatteri, Elina' s and Heidi's Bedroom
Supported by: Koneen Säätiö, Taiteen edistämiskeskus, Suomen Kulttuurirahasto, Uudenmaan taidetoimikunta
Residencies: Paris Cité Internationale des Arts, ImpulsTanz Vienna, Nizza & Berlin Bedroom.
Tour partner: Zodiak – Uuden tanssin keskus.


Brume de Mer is an absolute corporeal and vocal sonata painted by choreographer Elina Pirinen and her artist friends. It consists of the volume produced by the combined abstraction of psychodynamically rich ring dances, lyrical field sung with peculiar beauty, scents, intoxicating colors and massive organ composition.

The unity of the stage materials creates an extreme bodily and sonoric experience. In Brume de Mer the body comes out from the body committing to and moving through with internal processes such as desires, obsessions, pleasures, regressions, affections, taboos, seduction, intimacy, night and day dreams, perversions, and bodily fluids. Five dancers are fully enjoying these corporeal processes through their subjective interpretation of the proposed aesthetics of Pirinen.

The choreographical and dramaturgical proposal doesn’t have a conventional development - it spirals rigorously between the stage materials as a proposal for maturely wild and non-entertaining stagework.

With the tremendous intesity Brume de Mer deliberately takes posession of the intimacy of the spectator. This may allow for a shift from rational reasoning to more hidden layers in one’s mindfull body, if you are willing. There is an inverted opportunity for emancipation together with the piece’s emansipatoric movement. Brume de Mer is a feministic project to the core.

Choreographer, poems, songs: Elina Pirinen
Dancers: Karolina Ginman, Suvi Kemppainen, Leena Nordberg, Elina Pirinen, Aino Voutilainen
Sonata composition and sound design: Ville Kabrell
Lighting and spatial design: Mateus Manninen
Costumes, dramaturge, poems: Heidi Väätänen
Costume design consultant and seamstress: Kaisa Kemikoski
Duration: 70 minutes

Each artist of the group has been cross-influencing all of the creative materials in the piece.

Production: Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Moving in November, Elina Pirinen
Co-producer: MDT Stockholm
Residencies: O Espaço do Tempo (Montemor-o-Novo), ZIL Culture Center (Moscow), Hellerau (Dresden)

Supporters: Arts Promotion Center Finland, Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation, Finnish Cultural Foundation, The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, Dance Info Finland, [DNA] Departures and Arrivals which is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the EU.
World premiere: 29.08.2018, MDT Stockholm
Finnish premiere: 07.11.2018 Zodiak Stage / Moving in November Festival, Helsinki

Close ups and details (password: zguestz)
Full stage (password: zguestz)


Revenge I-IX is a recitative fantasy directed by choreographer Elina Pirinen for dance company TADaC, made up of MA students of dance. It sings forth visions of revenge in linguistically, visually and corporeally subtle and direct ways. The singing on stage is surrounded by nine bodies incorporating rest and festivo. The tableau vivant, in turn illuminated and extinguished, brings forth the beautiful inner tumult of humanity. Welcome to a desert of glowing light and flaming darkness.

Choreographer: Elina Pirinen
Dancers: Krista Arppo, Jenna Broas, Karoliina Kauhanen, Anni Koskinen, Anna Kupari, Outi Markkula, Pinja Poropudas, Lotta Suomi ja Katriina Tavi
Visual concept: Elina Pirinen ja Heidi Väätänen
Dramaturgy: Heidi Väätänen
Direction in writing process: Niko Hallikainen
Consultation and execution of lighting design: Nadja Räikkä
Sound technician: Lauri Malin
Premiere: 19th of January 2017
Duration: 1h
TADaC (Theatre Academy Dance Company) is a dance company within the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki. In the final year of their MA studies dancers collaborate with established choreographers and perform work created especially for them. KOSTO I-IX is the artistic part of the Master’s thesis for the graduating dancers.


Meadow, meadow, meadow is a triptych by choreographers Elina Pirinen and Maria Saivosalmi, French – Palestinian performance artist Jassem Hindi and Irish theatre artists Ruairí Donovan and Cathy Walsh.

"A dance that is an axe for the frozen sea inside us, relentlessly making ritual objects for a tribe that doesn’t exist, a lingering sentence on one horse and seven hearts, a fanfare heralding a renewed ethos of intimacy."

Together with lighting designer Heikki Paasonen, the heralds and a surprise ensemble founded for the triptych create a delicate avalanche of peculiar bodies, voices and landscapes. The weight carried is the perception of all that is essential for the human condition, like a slow storm in the solar plexus.

Premiere 13th of March 2015 in Zodiak- Center for New Dance


Ice Hot Nordic Dance Platform Kööpenhamina 2016
Seoul Performing Arts festival Seoul 2018

Watch video (password: zguestz)


Personal Symphonic Moment is an on-stage autopsy of Dmitri Šostakovitš’ Symphony No. 7, known as the Leningrad Symphony. On stage this vast piece of music spawns, sustains, and destroys different states of mind and physical being. It brings to the stage primitive, intellectual and subconscious moments of decay, consolation, beauty, idiocy, eroticism, loserness, pity, banality, anger and sentimentality. It articulates with an ethos the aspects of a human person and humanity fundamentally touching the fabric of society.

Watch video (password: zguestz)


Concept, choreography, space: Elina Pirinen
Dance: Kati Korosuo, Katja Sallinen, Elina Pirinen
Lighting design: Tomi Humalisto
Texts: Heidi Väätänen
Music: Dmitri Šostakovitš, 7. Symphony performed by Mariss Jansons and Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra 1988
Costume design: Kaisa Rissanen, Mila Moisio, Elina Pirinen
Premiere: 7th of November 2013 in Moving in November-festival in Zodiak-Center for New Dance
Duration: 75 Minutes
Production: Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Moving in November-festival, Elina Pirinen, Zodiak residency in collaboration with: WorkspaceBrussels / Summer coaching residency, Kone Foundation, Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux
Supported by: Samuel Huber Foundation, Finnish Culture Foundation, Kone Foundation


Barker Theatre Turku 2014
Tampere Theatre Festival 2015
Nordwind Festival: Hellerau Dresden - Kampnagel Hamburg - Dampfzentralen Bern 2015
Next Festival Arts Center Buda Kortrijk 2015
Tanz im August Festival Berlin 2015
ImPulsTanz, [8:tension] Young Choreographers' Series 2015, Vienna, awarded with Prix Jardin d'Europe prize 2015
Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt 2014
Mousonturm Frankfurt 2014
ImPulsTanz Wien 2015
Tanz im August 2015
Next- festival Buda Kortrijk 2015
Nordwind- festival Dresden/Hellerau + Hampuri/Kampnagel + Bern/Damfzentralen 2015
Oslo International Theatre festival 2016
Joyce Unleashed New York 2016
Spring festival Utrecht 2017


Lecture For Every One is a short artistic intervention consisting of a text that Sarah Vanhee or another performer brings/performs at occasions where people are anyway already gathered in order to discuss/exchange/undertake something together. She intrudes into existent situations that are strange to her, and where she herself is a stranger. The text is exactly the same on all the occasions. Some examples: a sales meeting in a luxury hotel, a city council, a team meeting at a multinational, a high society club, the army, a union meeting, an informal meeting of antique collectors, a choir rehearsal, a football training of homeless people etc. Mostly there is only one person within the organization that knows of her coming, for the others it’s a total surprise. She grafts Lecture For Every One onto the meeting, in a moment where there is the necessary concentration and focus, e.g. just before a meeting starts. When the lecture is done, she leaves immediately.

In the text, she tries to address citizens both collectively and individually, avoiding the rhetorics known from political messages, mass media, advertising, rules and laws, in an attempt to speak “freely”, in a gesture that addresses both the individual and the collective, and considers our contemporary (Western) society as a co-creation of “every-one”.


Concept & text: Sarah Vanhee
In collaboration with: Juan Dominguez Rojo, Berno Odo Polzer, Dirk Pauwels & Kristien Van den Brande
Management host organizations & website: Edith Goddeeris, Marika Ingels, Linda Sepp & Kristien Van den Brande
Performance Dutch & English version: Sarah Vanhee
Performance Finnish version: Elina Pirinen (URB festival Kiasma Theatre)

See more www.lectureforeveryone.be


A piece about the relations between flesh and image, conv. Raisa Kilpeläinen, Universum Theatre Helsinki


THE BONE GARDEN researhes people treating the body as an archive of memories. It makes different kinds of autopsies for childhood, love and future through movement, singing and spoken word. The Bone Garden gives a place also for the audience to recall and research how their body is buildt because of these memories.

Watch video (password: esityskompost1)


Choreography and music design: Elina Pirinen
Performance, texts, costume design: Leo Honkonen and Elina Pirinen
Lighting technician: Jani-Matti Salo
Sound technician: Joonas Pehrsson
Music: Josquin Desprez: Qui Habitat, Bat for Lashes: Good Love
Premiere: 18 th of October 2012 Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art Helsinki
Duration: 45 min
Production: Elina Pirinen, Performance Art Society and Kiasma Theatre
Supported by: Finnish Cultural Foundation, Performance Art Society

OH,CLARE (2012)

OH,CLARE is a performance that researches kinky sisterhood in a delicate way through dance, spoken word, signing and flute and drum playing. The dancers are real sisters and responsable for entertaining, supporting and hurting each others. Their stage reality is having surprising dates with the out door reality.


Choreography and music design: Elina Pirinen
Dance: Elsa Heikkilä, Malwiina Heikkilä
Costum design: The working group
Lighting desing: Nanni Vapaavuori
Sound techinician: Jan-Mikael Träskelin
Music: Bach: Double Violin Concerto, Shakespear’s Sister: Stay
Text quotations from Anton Chekhov’s play Three Sisters
Premiere: 21st of September 2012 Time of Dance festival, Jyväskylä City Theatre
Duration: 45 min
Production: N0LLAPiSTE-Collective, Dance Center of Central Finland
Supported by: The Arts Council of Central Finland, Jyväskylä City, Foundation for Arts and Sience Jyväskylä


NAPOLEON PINK HORSE is a performance and a band for the performance. A dancer, actor, writer and musician form a quartet, where each artist's area of expertise is approached as an instrument. The quartet creates songs to enjoy from the following ingredients: Performance / Music / Literature / Pop / Dance / The spoken word / Electricity / Singing / Sound waves / Emotional movement / Eating / Noise.


Concept and realisation/ the quartet: Elina Pirinen, Miikka Ahlman, Timo Heinonen, Tuukka Vasama
Lighting design: Heikki Paasonen, Jani-Matti Salo
Live sound design: Timo Muurinen
Costume design: Quartet
Premiere: 24th of March 2012 Kiasma Theatre Helsinki
Duration: 60 min
Production: Performance Art Society, Kiasma Theatre
Supported by: Kone Foundation, Finnish Arts Council, Helsinki City


Avigliana International Theatre festival 2014


THE DARK PROJECT 3: LIGHT NOISE is the third part of The Dark Project which started in 2004. Its general aim is to scrutinize conditions under which a performance takes place and what is its relationship to visibility. LIGHT NOISE is inspired by the concept of noise. Visual, auditive, textual, and embodied noise become material for LIGHT NOISE performance.

Watch video (password: 1ghtn01s32012)


Convener, lighting design: Tomi Humalisto
Media design: Teemu Määttänen
Performance: Elina Pirinen, Hanna Korhonen, Maija Nurmio, Tuukka Vasama, Olli Kontulainen
Sound design: Mikael Eriksson
Installations: Anna Nykyri, Timo Heinonen
Costume design: The working group
Premiere: 25th of February 2012 Center for Practise as Research in Theatre Tampere
Duration: 60 min
Production: Performance Art Society, T7 Tampere
Supported by: Kone Foundation, Kordelin Foundation, Finnish Arts Council


LOVER OF THE PIANIST is a playfully erotic and evocative solo that bit by bit reveals it’s agenda. It moves in the borderline between dance performance, music concert and post-stand up show. The soloist surrender recklessly to the situation, is both direct and secretive, taking risks on stage and playing power games with the audience. The performance has been selected in the priority list of 20 most interesting performances in Europe 2012 by dance organisation Aerowaves and started touring since.


Choreography, dance, composition, lyrics, texts, music and costume design: Elina Pirinen
Lighting design: Nanni Vapaavuori
Sound and mixing design: Petteri Mård
Music: Schubert: Fantasy in F Minor, Elina Pirinen: Peony Planes, I Have a Bird in My Mouth
Premere: 3rd of March 2011 Zodiak- Center for New Dance Helsinki
Duration: 40 min
Production: Elina Pirinen and Zodiak
Supported by: Finnish Arts Council


Regional Dance Centre of Eastern Finland Kuopio 2015
Hong Kong Arts Festival 2014
Kokkola City Theatre 2013
Ice Hot Nordic Dance Platform Helsinki 2012
Spring Forward Festival Bassano del Grappa 2012
Augusti Tanzu Tallinn 2012
Stage Festival Korjaamo Helsinki 2012
eXplore Dance Festival WASP working art space Bucarest 2012


WRONG RIGHT LOVE FIGHT is a performance about how imagination functions instantly and everlasting in dancer and space. What kind of traces do we leave in the air when we dance and speak? The piece is a research of how scenography is build only through spoken word and movement.


Choreography and music design: Elina Pirinen
Dance: Leila Kourkia, Aino Voutilainen, Elina Pirinen
Lighting design: Nanni Vapaavuori
Schenography: Elina Lifländer
Music: Monteverdi: Compattimento di Tangredi e Glorinda, Beirut: After the Curtain, Scenic World, Jon Lajoie: Show Me Your Genitals, Rihanna: Don’t Stop the Music
Stage technicians: Jani-Matti Salo, Heikki Paasonen, Jori Tossavainen
Premiere: 18th of March 2010 Kiasma Theatre Helsinki
Duration: 60 min.
Production: Elina Pirinen and Kiasma Theatre
Supported by: Finnish Arts Council, Helsinki City


DANCE ART PIECE is a performance that researches the impossible: to create a perfroming material that are not related to the society. By using one of the most famous boyband as an inspiration the try out is getting complexed and hilarious for the first place.


Choreography and music design: Elina Pirinen
Dance and texts: Sonja Jokiniemi, Leila Kourkia, Jenni Urpilainen, Vera Tegelman
Lighting design: Sam Siltavuori
Costume design: The working group
Music: Take That: I Found Heaven, Rule the World
Premiere: 21st of December 2010 Sotku Stage Kuopio
Duration: 45 min
Production: Minimi Dance Theatre and Dance Center of Eastern Finland
Supported by: Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment


SIMPLE SENTENCES is a performance for 16 actors where common and poetic sentences meets the dance and audience in one unknown and weird royal court somewhere out there. The phenomenon “What you have always wanted to say but never said it” starts to have unexpected meanings and forms.


Choreography and music design: Elina Pirinen
Dance: Salla Rupponen, Emma Kuoppala, Ida Fleming, Eetu Känkänen, Meri-Maija Näykki, Harri Ahola, Enni Hartikainen, Outi Kautonen, Anniina Kangasniemi, Taru Huokkola, Minna Rajamäki, Teija Vaittinen, Veera Tapanainen, Iris Nylund, Anni-Sofia Kalvi, Mirva Seppänen
Lighting desing: Elina Nopanen
Costume design: Mimosa Norja with assistance of Mirva Seppälä
Music: M. Praetorius: 6 Dances from Terpsichore, Pariisin kevät: Riviera
Producers: Helka Rissanen, Hanna Lindroos
Graphic design: Turkka Tervonen
Premiere: 15th of October 2010 Tampere Student Theatre
Duration: 60 min
Production and supported by: Tampere Student Theatre


CHILDREN OF THE LAGOON is a performance that lives through the live musical and kinetic dialogue between young adults and teenagers who tries to operate together in the psychological and spacial landscape of church. What they can do there, what they should do there and what they must do there in order to develop something further in the politics of the union between evangelical lutheran church and society.


Choreography: Elina Pirinen
Dance: Aino Voutilainen, Leila Kourkia, Sini-Tuuli Kilpeläinen, Siiri Kortelainen, Nina Timonen
Lighting design: Nanni Vapaavuori
Musicians: Tyyne Karjalainen, Kaisa Kortelainen, Salla Karjalainen
Premiere: 1st of December 2010 Nurmes Church
Duration: 50 min
Production: Nurmeksen Joulumusiikki festival, Nurmes City Culture Services, The Evangelical Lutheran Concregation of Nurmes, Entrepreneurs of Nurmes

© Maija Nurmio

© Anu Saarelainen


THE DARK PROJECT 2: SUCH AS – OVERWRITINGS TO GOOD is a performance where live installation, space, video art piece, sound art piece and physical propositions are gathering together creating a happening essay. The working group researches the notion of good inspired by Hanna Arendt’s and Giorgio Agamben’s philosophy.


Working group: director Masi Eskolin, performance dramaturgs and writers Timo Heinonen and Heidi Väätänen, actors Olli Kontulainen and Tuukka Vasama, dancers Elina Pirinen, Hanna Korhonen and Maija Nurmio, videoartist Anna Nykyri, editor Ilkka Pitkänen, lighting design Heikki Paasonen, sound designer Miikka Ahlman
Premiere: 24th of September 2009 in Kiasma Theatre Helsinki
Duration: 70 min
Production and supported by: Performance Art Society, Helsinki City, Finnish Arts Council, Kiasma Theatre


THREE PORTRAITS is a combination of photographs and live performers, a triptych where the real person, site and situation discuss with the person, site and situation captured on the photographs. The tension of the piece rises from the surprising variation of still simplification and instant action. It researches the idea of stage asking questions of representing and revealing.


Concept, covener, photography, costume design, scenography: Raisa Kilpeläinen
Performance: Elina Pirinen, Lassi Alhorinne, Kalle Ropponen
Premiered: 12th of May 2009 in MoA Exibition Media Center Lume Helsinki
Duration: from 60 min to 8 h
Production: Raisa Kilpeläinen, University of Arts and Design, Prague Quadrinnale 2011
Supported by: Wihuri foundation


A FRIEND OF THE PIANIST is a solo performance about one girls’s imagination journey. It moves in the borderline between dance performance, music concert and post-stand up show. It is the first part of the Pianist series for stage.


Choreography, dance, composition, lyrics, texts, music and costume design: Elina Pirinen
Original choir: Anne Pajunen, Pietikäinen, Jenni Urpilainen, Sanni Sihvola
Lighting design: Raisa Kilpeläinen
Music: Chopin: Nocturne nr 2 in Eb Major, Pirinen: Nocturne in F minor
Premiered: 22nd of July 2009 in Fullmoon Dance Festival Pyhäjärvi
Duration: 60 min
Production: Elina Pirinen and Full Moon Dance Festival
Supported by: The Arts Council of Uusimaa


TREASURE AND DEATH is a performance about that energy which creates the zest for life. The question ’What is the song that you would like to listen during your death and why’ creates the physical and musical landscape for the whole performance.


Choreography, music and lighting design: Elina Pirinen
Dance: Janne Aspvik, Olli Kontulainen, Leila Kourkia, Maija Nurmio, Sanni Tirri
Music: Moppi & Aivokurkiaiset: Pyllykenraali, Ystävä, Kirsikankukkia, Hyvä tunnelma, Sydän, Bloc Party: Pioneers, Carola: Hunajainen, Dolly Parton: I Will Always love You, Guns and Roses: Paradise City, Wagner: Wie Todesahnung - O, du mein holder Abendstern
Costume design: Dancers
Premiere: 5th of July 2009 in Summer of Nurmes – festival in Culture House Nurmes
Duration: 50 min.
Support: Nurmes City Culture Services, Regional Dance Center of Eastern Finland
Production: Elina Pirinen

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