Dance artist - music maker

Pilvi Elina Pirinen

b. 16th of October 1981 Suomussalmi

tel. +358 40 5702514


Elina Pirinen is a choreographer, dancer, singer-songwriter-musician, artistic director, curator and pedagogue currently living in Helsinki. At the moment she is interested in researching immoderate relations between mediums such as movement, spoken word and music. In her stage work she often uses big classical music pieces as frames for different corporal performative qualities. Her work draws feministic and post-psychoanalytic landscapes.


Pirinen studied dance and choreography in Theatre Academy Helsinki, graduating as a Master of Dance with special studies in contemporary theatre in 2008. She has a wide classical and pop music training with piano, voice and violin. Side by side stage works she makes and performs experimental and emotional chamber rock music with her orchestra Bambi by the Pond.




Pilvi Elina Pirinen      tel. +358 40 5702514

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